Open up your
living space.

Bypass sliding patio doors from Wincore® allow maximum daylight and offer a dramatically wide opening to your patio or garden. Thanks to a double roller track, panels slide and stack perfectly within the door frame while taking up a minimal amount of floor space.

The robust profile design offers superior thermal performance, maximum sturdiness and durability without reinforcement. Door sills feature two-level drainage to ensure excellent water evacuation. Weatherstripping between each panel prevents air infiltration, and is located on an adapter to make them easier to replace if required. Patented tandem wheels in ultra-durable nylon leave no marks on the rail and provide smooth, effortless operation. And each and every door is backed by a comprehensive, limited lifetime warranty that stands as a hallmark of complete peace of mind.

Available Configurations

3 Panel Configuration
3 Panel Configuration
6 Panel Configuration
  • 3 panel configurations available in widths of 86″, 104″, and 139-7/8″
  • 6 panel configurations available in widths of 169-1/4″, 205-1/8″, and 276″
  • All configurations available in heights of 79-1/2″, and 95-1/2″
  • Custom sizes are available – contact your Wincore sales representative
  • 6 Panel Bypass Patio Door Configuration available on 7700 Series only


A retractable screen is available on select patio door configurations. This provides an unobstructed view of the outdoors without the stress of having unwanted pests enter your home. Pocket installation has no bottom threshold to provide a flush connection between the door itself and the screen. This is one of the factors that gives the screen a sophisticated and modern aesthetic.

Grid Options

Double Perimeter
Double Prairie


Every patio door is equipped with a standard, easy-to-grip Contemporary handle with a multi-point, keyed lock. Modern and Sleek handles are also available to best fit your home’s aesthetic.

Our multi-point lock increases security when compared to traditional single-point locking mechanisms found on other patio doors. These handles are lockable from the outside, which allows the possibility to have this door as the gateway of all welcome visitors into your home. This multi-point locking system is standard on all of our handle options.


Slightly rounded corners

Satin Nickel


Square design corners

Satin Nickel


Slimline design

Satin Nickel
Interior/Exterior Colors

* Black interior is only available with black exterior.
Optional exterior colors are unavailable with tan or clay. Tan interior must have tan exterior. Clay interior must have clay exterior.

Optional Exterior Colors
Hunter Green
Glass Options
Tinted Bronze
Tinted Grey
Rain Glass

Rain Glass unavailable on 8800 and 8400 Series.

Blind Colors
Silver Moon
Slate Grey

Blinds are not available with grids. Size restrictions apply. Patio Doors with internal blinds do not meet Energy Star requirements. White blinds are standard.

8400 and 8800 Bypass Sliding Patio Doors feature Low E glass with Argon gas inside the insulating glass unit. Low Emissivity glass helps keep heated air inside during the colder months and air-conditioned air inside during warmer months. Argon gas is a non-toxic gas that is heavier than air. Replacing the air inside the insulating glass with Argon improves energy performance. In addition to Low E glass with Argon gas, 8800 Bypass Sliding Patio Doors feature laminated insulating glass, with an impact-resistant interlayer that resists penetration, even if the glass is broken, protecting against flying debris and hurricane-force winds, as well as forced entry.