Elegant enough to call them yours.
Tough enough to call them ours.

To say we’re proud of our projection windows would be an understatement. With specialized construction details and manufacturing advances to ensure they live up to our stringent reputation for outstanding quality, Bay and Bow windows from Wincore® provide beauty and lifetime dependability. Both Bay and Bow windows can be created from a combination of Double Hung, Picture and Casement window styles. Whether it is a traditional Bay window or dramatic five-lite Bow window, each is built to custom size specifications and offers a variety of options to showcase style and individuality.

Bay and Bow Windows offer expanded views of outdoor spaces, while creating inviting areas for sitting and relaxing. Because of their projected design, Bay and Bow windows welcome more natural light and seemingly expanded interior spaces. Outside projection windows add dimension for enhanced curb appeal to your home’s exterior.

Energy Efficiency

All insert window units inside Bay and Bow frames are foam-wrapped for premier insulation. In addition, double-strength, Low E glass with Argon gas inside the insulating glass units maximizes energy efficiency. Bay and Bow Windows also feature a unique insulated sill design to help them achieve a high R insulating value.

Double Strength Glass is standard on 7700 Series windows, optional on 5400 Series.

Standard Features

Size Customization

All projection windows are custom built to exact specifications. Bay windows can be ordered in 30- or 45-degree angles. Bow windows can be three, four or five windows mulled together at 10-degree angles.

Edge Banding

For professional looking installation, premium edge banding covers unfinished plywood edges to allow interior casing to be installed with a reveal.

Real Wood Trim

The interior wood moldings break up the bland commercial appearance of similar vinyl trimmed units by adding warmth and craftsmanship.

Knee Braces

For added support and a traditional exterior appearance, each window comes with primed knee braces.

Premium Grade Hardwood

Plywood Construction Head, seat and jambs feature furniture-grade 1-1/4″ hardwood veneer plywood in either Red Oak (for staining) or Birch (for painting).

Red Oak
Red Oak

Premium Hanger Kit

Every Wincore Bay and Bow window comes standard with an industry leading cable hanger system. Each hanger kit is ATI tested to hold 3000 lbs. of load with zero slipping of the cable or sag of the window. When combined with our unmatched frame construction this hanger system will assure that your new window remains a long-lasting, trouble free addition to your home.

Design Features

Solid LSL® Mullions & Continuous All-Thread Construction

LSL® mullions are stronger than standard wood and will not warp or twist, adding unprecedented structural stability. In addition, the LSL® mullions have an all-thread connection running through them from top to bottom. This creates a super strong connection and eliminates the potential for a sagging seat board over time.

Offset Insulated Sill Design

A 1-1/2” insulated panel is attached to the hardwood plywood seat board to create a 2-3/4” sill with a high R insulating value. In addition, the offset sill design creates an overhang that deflects water away from the unit. The appearance of this design greatly enhances the aesthetic value of any projection window.

Seamless Nose Molding & Snap Design

Fabrication of the head and sill vinyl cladding provides projection windows with a seamless and water-tight exterior cladding. The moldings consist of a two-part snap system that prevents water penetration at the sill and eliminates the need for exposed sealant in both areas.

Rabbet Connection of Jambs

To increase overall structural integrity and product stability during shipment, jamb boards feature rabbet connections to the head and sill.

Continuous All-Thread Rods

Ordinarily, projection windows are constructed using hollow vinyl mullions and an all-thread, or a solid wood mullion connected by lag bolts, screws or clips. Our Bay and Bow windows are manufactured with both solid wood mullions and a continuous all-thread rod running through the mullion. This continuous all-thread construction is a strong and stable connection that prevents warping or sagging of the window frame over time. In addition, it also minimizes condensation problems commonly associated with vinyl mullions.

Window Configuration Options
3 Lite Bay
3 Lite Bow
4 Lite Bow
5 Lite Bow
Unit 5400 Series 7700 Series
3 Lite Bay SH - PW - SH
DH - PW - DH
CA - FC - CA
DH - PW - DH
CA - FC - CA
3 Lite Bow SH - PW - SH
DH - PW - DH
CA - FC - CA
DH - PW - DH
CA - FC - CA
4 Lite Bow SH - PW - PW - SH
DH - PW - PW - DH
CA - FC - FC - CA
DH - PW - PW - DH
CA - FC - FC - CA
5 Lite Bow SH - PW - PW - PW - SH
DH - PW - PW - PW - DH
CA - FC - FC - FC - CA
DH - PW - PW - PW - DH
CA - FC - FC - FC - CA

SH = Single Hung, DH = Double Hung, CA = Casement, FC = Fixed Casement, PW = Picture Window

Decorative Options

Hand-applied Stain Finishes

Four beautiful stain finishes are also available for wood frames, head and seat boards. Completed inside a controlled manufacturing environment, stain finishes are deep and even.

Light Oak
Dark Oak
Dark Cherry
Light Cherry
Laminated Interiors

Wood frames, head and seat boards of Bay and Bow units can be finished with a laminate (white or tan) for increased durability. Laminated Interiors can be applied to entire interior or seatboard only, unless indicated.

Light Oak
Dark Wood
Dark Cherry
Light Cherry
Benard *
Louise *
Hazel *

* Seat Boards Only

Painted Interior Finishes

Wood frames, head and seat boards may also have a painted finish. White, tan and clay color options are available.

Solid-Surface Seat Boards

Most commonly used in high-traffic home areas, waterproof 1/2” thick solid-surface seat boards are available in five standard colors.

Venetian Sand
Platinum Granite
Graphite Granite
Desert Sand
Beach Sand
Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are available for both plug-in or hard-wired applications. Plug-in applications feature a 10’ cord with switch.

White LED
Polished Copper
Polished Bronze
Satin Nickel LED
Brushed Copper LED

Window Options

Vinyl window colors, interior woodgrain finishes, grids, glass and hardware availability determined by Window Series chosen with Bay or Bow Windows.

Finishing Options

All Wincore Bay and Bow windows are available with a variety of optional pre-mitered trim choices to complete the finished look. These trim options are measured and pre-mitered inside a controlled manufacturing environment, so you are ensured of a flawless fit on any window, regardless of size. Choose from traditional casing styles in a variety of widths, or from one of five complete trim packages that feature an extended sill for greater visual depth. Whether you choose streamlined casing or a detailed trim package, your new Bay or Bow window will become the visual centerpiece of any room.

Interior Casing

Colonial style interior casing is available in Red Oak or Birch in three different widths, a “one-stop” option for faster finishing on the job site. To make this a simple nail-on application, this casing can be ordered pre-cut with a 1/4” reveal.

2-1/4" Casing
3-1/2" Casing
5" Casing
Trim Packages Featuring An Extended Sill

There is no better way to add elegant beauty and craftsmanship to projection windows than to complement this furniture-grade product with the proper trimmings. Our ready-to install trim systems bring a whole new level of finish work to every unit. All packages include an extended sill that is factory fit and located on site using pre-located dowel pins. The extended sill, apron and header are all cut to fit and factory returned as well – ensuring both quality workmanship and seamless installation.

Choose from five ready-to-install complete trim packages. Trim packages are available in two distinct styles – Colonial or Fluted (shown below). Each is available in your choice of stain finishes.

Package A

Colonial Extended Sill with Mitered Casing

Package B

Colonial Extended Sill with Rosettes

Package C

Colonial Extended Sill with Header

Package D

Fluted Extended Sill with Rosettes

Package E

Fluted Extended Sill with Header

Roofing Options


Pre-assembled, ready-for-finishing plywood roofs are built from professional-grade materials to exact measurements. All plywood roofing systems are easily installed and can be quickly finished with asphalt or wood shingles.

Painted Aluminum

Like plywood roofing systems, painted aluminum roof systems are hand-crafted to precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Painted aluminum roofing systems are available in a variety of specially formulated high-gloss colors. For a complete list of available colors, contact your Wincore® supplier.


There is nothing that compares to the sophistication that copper roofing systems bring to a Wincore® Bay or Bow window. Intricately detailed and finely finished, these precision roofing systems arrive at the job site ready to install quickly and efficiently.

Plywood Roof
Painted Aluminum Roof
Copper Roof
Concave (not available in plywood)
Concave (not available in plywood)
Painted Aluminum Roof Colors
  • All paint colors feature a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • All roofing systems available with copper or painted aluminum counter flashing.
  • Copper roofs available with a clear-coat to retain original copper color.
  • Copper roofs available with a pre-patina green or brown coating to age copper more quickly.
Ascot White
Antique Patina
Bone White
Concord Cream
Brite Red
Chocolate Brown
Clear Anodized
Dove Grey
Dark Bronze Anodized
Forest Green
Medium Bronze
Hartford Green
Hemlock Green
Mint Green
Mission Red
Patina Green
Regal Blue
Slate Grey
Slate Blue
Sierra Tan
Siam Blue
Rocky Grey
Standard Features
Frame TypeVinyl Clad
Exterior Frame DesignBeveled
Frame ConstructionHardwood Plywood
Mulling Angle30- or 45-degrees
MullionsSolid LSL and All-Thread Rod
Seat BoardInsulated and Offset
Support SystemSteel Cable Hanger System and Knee Braces
Interior TrimWood
Window Types Double Hung | Picture | Double Hung
Optional Features
Option Detail
Window Unit ColorAll Availble by Style
Window OptionsAll Available by Style
Bay Unit:
Interior Stain FinishesLight Oak, Dark Oak, Dark Cherry, Light Cherry
Interior Paint ColorsWhite, Tan, Clay
Laminated Interior Colors (Full unit)White, Light Oak, Dark Wood, Dark Cherry, Light Cherry
Laminated Seat Board ColorsWhite, Light Oak, Dark Wood, Dark Cherry, Light Cherry, Bernard, Louise, Hazel
Solid-surface Seat BoardsWhite, Beach Sand, Desert Sand, Venetian Sand, Platinum Granite, Graphite Granite
Recessed LightingWhite, Polished Copper, Polished Bronze, Satin Nickel, white LED, Satin Nickel LED, Brushed Copper LED
Interior Casing2-1/4", 3-1/2", 5"
RoofingPlywood, Painted Aluminum, Copper